The ancient human history of our mansions

Every area in our mansions is inhabited and alive. Every room treasures tangible memories of love and passion for this country, that left an indelible mark on tuff stones and floor stones, kept original.


Bedrooms: from wine-making to your rest

The scent of must ready for wine-making wafted around all the rooms, spreading a unique and intense perfuming in the whole mansion.
The entire family gathered for the rituals of wine and olive oil making. Everyone played his part.
Nowadays the voices, the traditions and those special rituals give shape and warmth to the rooms. Every memory remains as it is impressed in the matter that preserves its original beauty.

We preserve an ancient family memory

For this reason the rooms of our mansions are so original. The scent of wine mingles with the history of olive oil, precious gold coming from olive trees, and with the inebriating scents of aromatic herbs typical of the Mediterranean area, such as rosemary, oregano, basil.
Aromatic herbs, present in this country from ages, can provide our guest with a chance of a culinary and cultural enrichment. Our grandmothers used these herbs with traditional dishes, and made them even more tasty.

The history of our mansions preserves an ancient family memory, of peasants waking up at dawn every day and transmitting honest and sober values.