The plain of thousand-year old olive trees

Our villas are in Ostuni countryside, whose special feature are the majestic thousand-year old olive trees. Ostuni is also know as “the White town” for the whitewashed walls of the ancient town.

Thousand-year old olive trees

There are thousands of olive trees in Puglia, and most of them literally plunge their roots in a very far away past. Especially, Ostuni countryside hosts the plain of thousand-year old olive trees, an incredible number of thousand-year old olive trees, silent witnesses of the history of this area, that are still donating us their fruits and delighting us with their undisputed beauty.

Extra-virgin olive oil, our most precious product

In the context of our Mediterranean culture, of Greek origin, the olive tree is considered a precious and long-lived plant, of unparalleled magnificence. In fact, since millenniums our culture is based on the extraction of what is considered the fundamental food of Mediterranean Diet: Olive-oil, a green-yellow liquid with innumerable and unique nutritional values.

Enjoy a sense of peace and reconciliation in the shadow of vine leaves

The vine stands out in our vegetation and it is indispensable for its grapes,  at the base of the fragrant Apulian wines.
The wide vine leaves are useful to create shadows that protect from the sun, and they are also used as a decoration for some traditional dishes, such as our tasty cheese selection.
The blue sky and the red soil frame this plain and our properties, conceived with the utmost respect of the surrounding environment, with the aim to donate our guests a sense of peace and reconciliation with the world.